Agricultural Law

Agricultural Law Solicitors

John Barkers Solicitors have been advising farmers on issues of agricultural law for over 100 years.

We can offer a full range of services to assist you in the running of your farm and land management.

Compulsory registration of land is only a few years away and by opting to voluntarily register your farm now it is likely that any dispute over boundaries can be avoided.

Land prices are at a record high and we have the expertise to help ensure that your land is conveyed with you having the right to be paid in the future, if this land can be developed.

Preparing leases of farms, fields, barns and warehouses allows our client effective land management.

Many farms are also partnerships also and we can help in preparing agreements to formalise these obligations and duties to another. If disputes arise we can help advise as to the best course of action.

Wills & Tax Efficient Estate Planning

We can also provide expert advice to ensure that your farm is as tax efficient as possible and also to structure your business affairs so as to preserve wealth for future generations.

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