Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Dispute Resolution

Our expert team of dispute resolution solicitors are ready to help you. We provide a wide range of services including,

  • Contract disputes
  • Building Disputes
  • Consumer issues- supply of goods and services
  • Landlord & Tenant Problems
  • Boundary and property issues
  • Professional Negligence
  • Contested Probate
  • Insolvency

Litigation and methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as Mediation and Arbitration are used to resolve disputes or claims between individuals, companies, local authorities and government departments. Not all disputes are resolved by the courts many are negotiated or resolved by ADR. These complex areas of Law need a high level of legal expertise which our department has developed over many years of assisting our clients to resolve their problems and pursue their rights. We can offer advice on your chances of success and the possible value of your claim. We can negotiate on your behalf and, if necessary, commence or defend proceedings which usually are dealt with by the County Court or the High Court depending on the area of law.

You may be entitled to Legal Aid for civil disputes
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Contract Disputes

A contract, put simply, is an agreement between two or more parties giving rise to legal obligations. These range from a simple purchase of an item from a shop to large complex commercial disputes involving millions of pounds. A contract can be written or oral. Disputes can occur at any time before a contract ends or arise after it has finished where obligations remain.

Building Disputes

These arise from a contract as described above but often have special terms specific to the construction industry. We have considerable experience acting for both builder and customers. We often use specialist counsel and experts in construction and quantification.

Consumer Issues

These can include supply of goods and services where rights have been infringed. It can be small such as the purchase of a defective product e.g. television or could be high value items e.g. a car or swimming pool where the product or service is defective.

Landlord & Tenant

Are you a Landlord or a Tenant? We can advise and help with all legal problems. Frequently these concern recovery of possession, often with claims for rent arrears or damage to property. We regularly represent both Landlords and Tenants in disputes concerning both domestic houses and commercial premises.

Boundary and Property issues

Ranging from neighbour disputes to complex commercial ransom strip and access to land disputes. We have the expertise to assist you.

Professional Negligence

This is where a Professional persons work or treatment has fallen below the acceptable standard for his/her profession. You must have a quantifiable loss to make a claim for damages and usually the Professional will have insurance to cover such circumstances. Claims such as these can be against: Accountants; Architects; Doctors; Hospitals; Surveyors and even Lawyers! We regularly use specialist Barristers and forensic experts to help prove our clients case and take action through the courts when necessary.

Contested Probate

This occurs when someone dies and disputes arise between family and friends as to who has a rightful claim on the estate. Litigation can be used to resolve these issues and in some cases contest a will or its validity or seek provision for dependants.


When an individual or company cannot pay its debts, bankruptcy or insolvency can occur. This is a complex area of law whether it is you an individual or as a company who are in financial trouble or trying to recover money or property from someone or a company that is. We can assist in pursuing your rights or recovery of what is rightly yours.

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