Employment Law for Businesses

We can draft contracts of employment tailored to suit the staff in your organisation.

We offer professional advice in all areas of employment law to enable you to avoid litigation including the application of the laws relating to discrimination, harassment and equal opportunities.

We can prepare Compromise Agreements and advise on their use.

Tribunal Representation
If you are taken to a tribunal we provide advocacy services where a settlement cannot be achieved. Where appropriate we will negotiate on your behalf.


Employment Law for Employees – Are you having trouble at work?

Dismissal / Redundancy
Was your dismissal fair or can it be challenged? How were you selected for redundancy and have the payments been correctly calculated? Time limits apply- You must act quickly.

Discrimination / Harassment
Are you being discriminated against either sexually or racially? What action can be taken? We offer advice on the best course of action needed to resolve the problem.

Disability / Illness
Are you being discriminated against because of illness or a disability? You may have the right to make a claim.

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