Contractual disputes

We can advise on all types of contractual disputes, including breach of contract claims, misrepresentation claims and disputed variations to contracts. We also have experience in advising on the termination of contracts, both in negotiated settlements and in litigation

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What is a contract?

UK contract law is the law that governs contracts made between parties in the United Kingdom. This includes both written and oral contracts. The law is designed to protect both parties involved in a contract, and to ensure that they can both uphold their end of the bargain.

There are a few key principles that underpin UK contract law. First, both parties must have the intention to create a legally binding contract. This means that they must both agree to the terms of the contract, and be willing to uphold them. Second, both parties must be able to offer something of value (known as consideration) in exchange for what they are asking for from the other party. This could be something like money, goods, or services. Third, both parties must be of legal age and have the mental capacity to understand the terms of the contract.

If one party breaks the terms of the contract, the other party may be able to take legal action against them. This could involve going to court to try and get compensation for any losses that they have suffered.

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