Corporate Reorganisations

A corporate reorganisation is a process whereby a company restructures its business in order to achieve greater efficiency or profitability. This can involve changes to the company's management, ownership, and/or operations. Corporate reorganisations are often undertaken in response to financial difficulties, but they can also be undertaken for other reasons such as increasing market share or respond to changes in the business environment.

There are various types of corporate reorganisation, including mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, divestitures, bankruptcies, and voluntary arrangements. Each type of reorganisation has different implications for the company involved, as well as for its employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

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What is a corporate reorganisation?

A corporate reorganisation is where a company restructures its operations and ownership. Reorganisations are often done to improve the efficiency of the company, they can also be done in an attempt to increase profits, raise new capital or to create a more favourable tax position.

There are many different types of corporate reorganisation, the most appropriate will depend on the specific circumstances of the company at that time. Some of the most common types of reorganisation are outlined below.

1. Change in share capital structure

One of the most common types of reorganisation is a change in the share capital structure of the company. This can involve anything from a simple increase in authorised share capital to a complete reclassification of the share capital.

2. Sale of business

Another common type of reorganisation is the sale of part or all of the business. This can be done to raise new capital, to pay off debts, or to create a more favourable tax position.

3. Mergers and acquisitions

This is where two or more business merge together or a business is purchased

4. Group restructuring

There are many options here, from the formation of a new company, the acquisition of new a business, or the disposal of existing business/businesses.

5. Insolvency proceedings

In some cases a corporate reorganisation may be necessary in order to avoid insolvency proceedings. This often involves the sale of business assets, the restructuring of debts, or it can mean the injection of new capital.

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