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We can advise on all types of contractual disputes, including breach of contract claims, misrepresentation claims and disputed variations to contracts. We also have experience in advising on the termination of contracts, both in negotiated settlements and in litigation

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What is a contract?

UK contract law dictates the legal requirements for contracts established within the country. This covers both verbal and written agreements between two or more parties. The principle objective of these laws is to protect the rights of all involved and ensure that any agreement made is upheld.

Certain criteria must be met for a valid contract to be established. This includes both parties having the intent to legally bind themselves and providing something valuable in exchange (such as money, services or goods). Additionally, it's important that all parties are of legal age and have the capability to comprehend what they're agreeing to.

Should one party fail to meet their contractual obligations, there may be legal recourse available; this could include seeking compensation for losses suffered through going to court.

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