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Tenancy management is just one of the services provided by our team to social housing providers. With years of expertise navigating the complexity of the modern housing landscape, our team of legal experts are dedicated to providing the best guidance and assistance.

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Specialist social housing solicitors

At John Barkers, we understand that social housing providers face unique challenges when it comes to tenancy management. We can help you navigate these issues by offering tailored advice for your particular needs. From lease agreements, rent arrears guidance, eviction proceedings, right-to-buy advice and more – our team is equipped to provide you with the best possible outcome.

We also strive to ensure that tenants are given clear information about their rights and responsibilities. We can assist in preparing customised tenancy agreements that are fair, reasonable and compliant with legislation – helping to prevent any potential disputes further down the line. In addition, our team can provide a range of training materials for both tenants and landlords on their respective obligations under the law.

Our solicitors understand that effective tenancy management involves carefully balancing tenant’s rights against landlord’s interests. To this end, we can advise landlords on best practice for tenant selection processes and how to resolve disputes between tenants or between landlords and tenants in an efficient manner.

Moreover, we stay up-to-date with all changes in legislation so that our clients stay informed as well as compliant. This includes ensuring proper record keeping of relevant documents, such as those relating to leases or rent payments – vital for safeguarding against future litigation.

At John Barkers we take pride in going above and beyond other firms when it comes to providing service tailored specifically for social housing providers' needs around tenancy management matters - from offering comprehensive advice on day-to-day operations through to representing them at court if needed. Our commitment is always towards finding the most practical solutions that best meet your requirements within the parameters of the law itself – no matter how complex the issue might be.

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