Intellectual Property Lawyers

Our team of experienced IP lawyers have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to handling complex IP matters, such as trademarks, copyright, patents and designs.

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Intellectual Property Solicitors

We provide comprehensive advice on the protection of your intellectual property rights, whether you are a business or an individual inventor. We also advise on the exploitation of your intellectual property and how best to monetise it through licensing, franchising or other forms of commercialisation. Our team can help with any dispute resolution process that may arise as well as provide guidance on how best to protect your rights against infringement by third parties.

In addition to our legal services for IP matters, we offer a variety of value-added services that can help our clients get the most out of their IP portfolio. These include conducting due diligence reviews, drafting contracts and agreements, registering trademarks and preparing applications for patent registration in various countries around the world.

Our solicitors have excellent track records in helping clients maximise the value of their intellectual property assets while minimising risk and protecting their interests. We understand that each client’s situation is unique; therefore we take great care in providing tailored advice and solutions that meet our clients' specific needs and objectives.

At John Barkers Solicitors we believe that having strong legal protection for your intellectual assets is essential for success in today’s highly competitive marketplaces. Our commitment to excellence ensures that clients receive the highest level of service and expertise while ensuring they remain compliant with all relevant regulations. We strive to provide an efficient yet cost-effective solution to every one of our clients so they can realise their ambitions without worrying about potential legal challenges down the line.

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