Licensing pricing information

Licensing pricing information

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Licensing pricing

Please note our fees exclude VAT.
ApplicationFee Estimate
Application for a new premises licence£1,600 plus VAT to £1,800 plus VAT, plus disbursements
Application for a minor variation of an existing licence£1,200 plus VAT to £1,500 plus VAT, plus disbursements


Disbursements are payments to third parties, they can include:

  • Premise Licence application fee: £100 plus VAT to £1,905 plus VAT (based on the rateable value of the premises)
  • Personal License application fee: £37 plus VAT
  • Application for minor variation: £89 plus VAT
  • Application to transfer premises licence: £23 plus VAT
  • Application to vary Designated Premises Supervisor: £23 plus VAT
  • Plan fees
  • Advertisement in local press
  • Firearms certificate fee: £62 plus VAT to £200 plus VAT.

If you require services that do not fit within above fixed fees we can put a package together for you so you are in full control of your costs.

Key stages when applying for a license

  • You could be required to complete a training course before the application can be made
  • A criminal record check may be required
  • Send off application
  • Licensing authority may add a delay as they check your information and collect any objections
  • In some cases you must advertise your application to allow for objections to be submitted
  • Application success or rejection

We will advise you on the exact stages of your particular application, the above is just a general example of common stages.

How long does a licensing application usually take?

The amount of time can depend on,

  • The type of license you are applying for
  • How quickly you can provide any required information
  • The speed at which the licensing authority responds and processes your application
  • Objections, if any are raised

Applications for new alcohol licenses typically take between 2 and 5 months. Applications for betting/gaming licenses are usually completed within 4-5 months.

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