Brewer Wallace Limited joins Humber Legal Group

Brewer Wallace Limited is excited to declare its unification with the Humber Legal Group, an energetic collective of law firms committed to delivering premier legal services throughout the region. This tactical partnership combines well-established firms such as John Barkers Solicitors, Symes Bains Broomer Limited (who joined on 1st June), and Michael Culshaw & Co (who became a member on 31st May), with Brewer Wallace Limited joining them as the latest addition as of 1st August.

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Press Release

Brewer Wallace Limited is thrilled to announce its integration into the Humber Legal Group, a dynamic association of legal firms dedicated to providing top-tier legal services to clients across the region. This strategic alliance brings together established firms, including John Barkers Solicitors, Symes Bains Broomer Limited (joined 1st June), and Michael Culshaw & Co (joined 31st May), alongside Brewer Wallace Limited as the newest member as of 1st August.

All the firms in the group have an established reputation for excellence, legal expertise, and a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. The addition of Brewer Wallace Limited further fortifies the group's capabilities, expanding its service portfolio and reinforcing its position as a prominent force in the legal services industry across the Humber region.

Dennis Brewer, Managing Director of Brewer Wallace Limited, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration 'We are really excited about joining the Humber Legal Group. This strategic alliance provides a fantasticopportunity for our firm to enhance its services. By being part of a larger group, our clients will benefit from the ability to access a wider range of services, tailored to their business or personal legal needs. Together with our partners, we are working to set new standards of excellence in the legal sector, making a positive impact on the communities we serve'

Howard Field, Group Chairman of Humber Legal Group, shared his perspective on the association: 'As Group Chairman, I extend a warm welcome to Brewer Wallace Limited, a well-respected firm with a strong track record of delivering exceptional legal services. Our shared values and determination to work together to meet the diverse needs of our clients across the region will be great for our clients and provide those who work under our umbrella with rewarding opportunities for career development. The group's expanded presence with offices in Hull, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Louth, Goole, and Hornsea, along with meeting rooms in Mablethorpe and Bridlington, enables us to offer convenient access to our services. We look forward to achieving greater heights together as we continue to build upon our reputation for excellence, explore the benefits of new technology and maintain that human face which our member firms are known for.'

Jonathan Stones, CEO of Humber Legal Group, commented on the growth of the association: 'We are excited to embrace Brewer Wallace Limited as a valuable addition to our group. We believe that the combined expertise and dedication of our member firmswill give existing clients and new ones even greater confidence that we are able to provide tailored legal services they need. Our expanded network of offices and meeting rooms allows us to be even more accessible and responsive to our clients' needs. Together, we arecommitted to delivering unparalleled service, upholding the highest standards for clients and employees alike, and maintaining our position as a leading legal services provider in the Humber region. The integration of Brewer Wallace Limited into the Humber Legal Group marks an essential milestone on this journey'