What is a property survey and do I need one?

In England and Wales, a property survey is a document created by a solicitor that outlines all of the legal processes and potential risks associated with purchasing or owning a piece of property. The survey will also provide information on any disputes or other legal action that may be pending regarding the property

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What is a property survey?

It is important for potential UK property buyers to undertake a property survey prior to purchase. A property survey, also known as a Homebuyer’s Report or Building Survey, gives an in-depth examination of the condition of the building and its structural integrity. The results of the survey will help you to make informed decisions when purchasing a property and may even be used by your solicitor as evidence during negotiations with the selle

The type of survey that you need depends on the age, type and condition of the building, so it is generally best to speak to your solicitor who can provide further advice based on your specific circumstances. Generally speaking, most properties require either a Homebuyers Report or a full Building Survey depending on whether you’re buying a newly built property or an older one.

A Homebuyers Report highlights any major faults and defects that would need addressing, as well as providing an estimate of repair costs, while the Building Survey is more comprehensive and covers every feature of the building including its structure, materials used and other general information. It can also provide advice on future maintenance and potential areas for improvement.