What searches are carried out during the conveyancing process?

When buying a house in the UK, it's important to understand some of the searches that must be carried out. These may include Local Authority Searches, Environmental Searches, Water and Drainage Searches and Chancel Repair Liability Search

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List of possible searches

Local Authority Search: This search looks into planning and building regulations for the property and surrounding area. It includes information on planning permissions, road schemes, conservation areas, and any other issues that may affect the property.

Environmental Search: This search investigates any environmental issues that may affect the property, such as contaminated land, landfill sites, or flood risk.

Drainage and Water Search: This search looks into the property's water supply and drainage, including information on whether the property is connected to the public water supply and sewage system.

Chancel Repair Liability Search: This search is conducted to check whether the property is liable for the cost of repairs to the local church, which can be a significant financial burden.

Mining Search: This search investigates whether the property is situated in an area with a history of mining activity, which may cause subsidence or other issues.

Title Search: This search confirms the ownership of the property and identifies any restrictions or limitations on the property's use, such as easements or covenants.

Flood Risk Search: This search identifies the property's risk of flooding and whether it is located in a flood zone.

Land Registry Search: This search confirms the property's ownership and any outstanding mortgages or other charges on the property.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): This document provides information on the property's energy efficiency and estimated energy costs.

Homebuyer Report: This report provides a detailed inspection of the property's condition, including any defects or issues that may need addressing.