Legal Aid Funded Family Mediation at John Barkers Solicitors

Family matters can be complex and challenging. When disputes arise within families, they often become emotionally draining and financially taxing. That's where family mediation steps in, providing a pathway towards resolution that fosters understanding and harmony.

At John Barkers Solicitors, we're thrilled to announce a new chapter in our commitment to helping families heal and grow: legal aid funded family mediation.

Adrian Coggon, Mediator and Head of Family Mediation adds 'We can now offer support to a broader range of individuals, including those who may not have had the financial means to access such services before. Family mediation is not just about solving disputes; it's about healing, understanding, and fostering an environment where families can grow and thrive together'

This service will be available from the 1st September 2023

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What is Family Mediation?

If you're unfamiliar with family mediation, you might be wondering why it's such a vital tool. Here's why family mediation holds significant value:

Conflict Resolution: Unlike court battles, family mediation encourages open dialogue. It enables family members to express their feelings and needs, leading to fair resolutions.

Cost-Effective: Litigation can be expensive. Mediation, on the other hand, often costs less and is quicker, making it a preferable option for many.

Confidentiality: Mediation sessions are private and confidential, allowing family members to discuss matters openly without fear of public exposure.

Control and Autonomy: Mediation puts the power in the hands of the family members involved, rather than in the court's hands. They make decisions together, guided by a professional mediator.

Preservation of Relationships: Mediation fosters an environment that allows relationships to be preserved and even strengthened, rather than torn apart by adversarial proceedings.

How Legal Aid Funded Family Mediation can help

By offering legal aid funded family mediation, we can help those who may have been unable to afford mediation services can access this powerful tool.

No family should have to struggle alone through disputes that could be resolved through mediation. This new service ensures that more families can find peaceful resolutions to their issues.