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John Barkers Solicitors offers a comprehensive range of legal services for people in Basingstoke and the wider area. With over 30 years experience, we are well placed to serve clients with any legal need.

We serve Basingstoke and surrounding areas including Hook, Overton, Oakley, Bramley and Old Basing. Our extensive network allows us to provide an exceptional level of service to all our customers no matter where they are located. We also offer an impressive variety of legal services such as business law, family law, property law and more.

At John Barkers Solicitors we understand that the process of dealing with legal issues can be daunting, which is why we strive to provide a professional service that offers reassurance and comfort. Our team of solicitors have a wealth of experience in their respective fields and are able to offer advice on the most complex legal matters. We believe in providing comprehensive and understandable advice, ensuring that our clients always feel informed and fully supported.

Our commitment to providing top quality service makes us an ideal choice for those seeking legal assistance in Basingstoke and beyond. With our years of experience, we are well placed to serve you with any legal need you may have. When it comes to finding the right solicitor for your needs, John Barkers Solicitors should be your first port of call.

Basingstoke Information

Basingstoke is a town located in the county of Hampshire, England. It lies on the River Loddon and is situated close to London, offering easy access by motorway or rail. The population of Basingstoke is estimated at around 240,000 people.

Location and Motorway Access

Located only 35 miles south-west of London, Basingstoke enjoys excellent transport links via the M3 motorway which connects the town to both London and Southampton. This makes it an ideal place for businesses looking for convenient connections with major ports across Europe.


Basingstoke offers excellent access to major ports such as Felixstowe, Southampton and London Heathrow Airport. This supports a wide range of logistics services for businesses.


Basingstoke is home to a diverse range of industries including finance, automotive, retail and technology. The town enjoys a strong reputation in the UK for its vibrant business community and high quality of life.


In recent years, Basingstoke has seen significant investment in new housing developments and infrastructure projects. The local council have set ambitious plans for the future which include an exciting mix of new homes, businesses and leisure facilities.

Basingstoke Legal History

Basingstoke, a town located in the English county of Hampshire has a rich and intriguing legal history. It was first mentioned in historic documents back in the 9th century, when it was part of an area known as 'Winchester Hundred'. In these early times, Basingstoke had little to no significance to the local area and its residents. However, by the time of the Norman Conquest of 1066, Basingstoke had become an important settlement.

In 1141 King Stephen granted a charter to Basingstoke which gave the town some much needed legal protection from neighbouring towns. This charter allowed for certain laws to be created and enforced upon those who lived within the town. These laws were put in place to protect the inhabitants, and also help keep order within the community. The most significant of these early legal regulations was that no new buildings could be erected without permission from the local lord or sheriff.

By the 16th century, Basingstoke had become an important market centre for traders from all over Hampshire. This increase in trade meant that there were now more people living in and around Basingstoke, which naturally created a greater need for some form of regulation. It was during this time that the Court Leet of Basingstoke was established by Thomas Dormer. The court's purpose was to try any disputes between traders and punish anyone who failed to comply with the law.

The Industrial Revolution

As Basingstoke grew in size and importance during the 19th century, its legal framework had to develop further. The arrival of the industrial revolution brought with it a large number of factories that needed to be managed and regulated. To meet these needs, a new set of laws were drawn up and enforced by the Borough Council. These were designed to ensure that all factories operated safely, minimised pollution, and provided suitable working conditions for their employees.

Modern Legal Framework

Today, Basingstoke has an extensive legal framework in place which covers everything from environmental protection to employment law. The town is regulated by the Local Government Act 1972, which sets out the basic principles of local government in England and Wales. In addition, there are a number of other Acts and regulations that govern how Basingstoke operates, including the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Equality Act 2010.

Basingstoke's legal framework is regularly updated to ensure that it remains up-to-date with modern practices, whilst still protecting its citizens from any potential harm. This includes ongoing work to tackle anti-social behaviour, address homelessness issues and keep Basingstoke safe for everyone who lives or visits here.

Throughout its history, Basingstoke's legal system has evolved to meet the changing needs of the town and its inhabitants. The legal framework in place today is designed to ensure that everyone living or visiting here feels safe and secure, and can enjoy their time in Basingstoke without fear or worry.

From its humble beginnings as a small settlement in the 9th century to its modern status as an important centre for industry and commerce, Basingstoke has a fascinating legal history. Its laws have developed over time to reflect both the changing needs of the town and changes in wider society. From early laws implemented by the local lord, to modern legislation designed to protect both people and the environment, Basingstoke's legal system is an important part of its unique history.