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At John Barkers Solicitors, we provide first-class legal services throughout Burnley and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced solicitors are dedicated to helping people understand their legal position in a range of areas including: property law, family law, dispute resolution, criminal defence and more.

We serve clients from all over the Burnley area - including Huncoat, Cliviger, Goldshaw Booth, Worsthorne and Higham! No matter where you're located in Lancashire, our legal team are here to help.

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Burnley Information

Burnley is a historic market town located in Lancashire, England. Situated on the River Calder and the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Burnley has easy access to major motorway networks such as the M6, M65 and M61. This makes it an ideal location for logistics companies looking to easily transport their goods across the country.


The industrial base of Burnley is extensive and vibrant with a range of sectors including advanced engineering, construction materials, metal manufacturing and textiles. The area also has a rich heritage of traditional industries such as cotton milling. As well an impressive industrial base, Burnley is home to numerous production companies which provide high-value production services to the UK market.


The population of Burnley stands at 73,021 according to the latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics in 2019. This makes it one of Lancashire’s largest towns, and it is anticipated that this figure will continue to grow in future years.


Businesses located in Burnley continue to benefit from a range of local and regional investment programmes. These initiatives offer businesses access to resources, capital investment and advice to help them thrive in the area. In 2017, £45 million was invested in the Burnley area for regeneration projects, such as the refurbishment of historic buildings, to enhance the town centre and create jobs.

Burnley Legal History

Burnley is a town in Lancashire, England. It has an interesting legal history that dates back to the 13th century. Historically, Burnley has been associated with many notable events and laws which have shaped its unique culture and character.

Early Legal History of Burnley

In 1202 King John granted a charter to the people of Burnley which granted them the right to hold a weekly market on Wednesday. This was beneficial for the local economy as it encouraged trade within the area. The charter also included other rights such as allowing two fairs per year, one for cloth and another for cattle.

A few years later in 1294, King Edward I granted another charter to Burnley which granted the people of the town the right to hold two more annual fairs for their cattle and cloth. This allowed more trade opportunities within the local area.

The Court System of Burnley

In 1405, a court system was established in Burnley. The courts were responsible for hearing criminal cases as well as civil disputes between citizens. The court was held on Wednesdays, coinciding with the weekly market day that had been established earlier by King John's charter.

Each court session would be presided over by a judge and at least four jurors. The jurors were responsible for determining a verdict in each case and had to be chosen from among the local citizens. If someone was found guilty, they would be sentenced according to the law at that time.

The Burning of Burnley

In 1537, during the reign of King Henry VIII, Burnley was destroyed by a massive fire. This disaster caused widespread destruction and even destroyed many of the documents associated with Burnley's legal history. As a result, much of the records pertaining to the court system and other laws were lost.

Fortunately, after this event, King Henry issued another charter granting more rights to the people of Burnley. This charter granted them the right to hold four annual fairs instead of two and established a new court system. This time, the courts were held on both Wednesday and Saturday.

Additional Rights Granted to the People of Burnley

In 1676, King Charles II issued another charter granting additional rights to the people of Burnley. These included exemptions from quarter-day payments, jurisdiction over disputes between members of the community, as well as freedom from impressment into military service. The charter also allowed for the establishment of a grammar school which provided education for local children.

In 1748, another royal decree granted by King George II granted further rights to the people of Burnley. This decree allowed them to elect a mayor and other civic officers, as well as allowing them to hold two more annual fairs.

Burnley's legal history is an interesting one which has shaped its unique culture and character. While much was lost during the great fire of 1537, local citizens have been able to reclaim many rights through successive royal charters over the centuries. The town still holds four fairs each year in honour of its rich history.