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Our family mediation services are focused on providing a safe and amicable environment for both parties involved to express their opinions and feelings openly, allowing them the opportunity to find a solution that works for everyone. We understand that family matters can often be difficult to navigate, so our services are specifically designed to provide support and advice in order to help our clients reach an understanding

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We are committed to providing the best possible service for our clients, which includes making sure that we have an understanding of their situation and providing them with tailored advice and guidance. Our team of experienced professionals have been trained in both law and psychology which enables them to approach each case in a sensitive yet effective way.Adrian Coggon - Partner and Mediator
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Family Mediation Specialists in Hull

In addition to offering support with divorce or separation negotiations, our family mediation services also extend to other areas such as post-divorce parenting arrangements or financial disputes between family members. We ensure that all mediations are carried out in a safe environment where both parties can speak freely without fear of repercussions or judgment

At John Barkers, we believe that it is essential for everyone involved in a dispute or disagreement to have the chance to be heard, as this helps us find the most suitable resolution for all parties involved. Our team of mediators have significant experience in guiding families through difficult conversations and helping them make decisions together collaboratively. We also provide psychological support if needed throughout the process, as we understand that such conflicts can be emotionally draining.

We understand how challenging it can be navigating these kinds of disputes without external help, which is why we're proud of being able to offer our family mediation services across Hull and the surrounding area. We strive every day to ensure that our clients find the best possible outcome with minimal confusion or stress – something which has led us becoming one of the most respected law firms within this field.

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