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Horsforth was voted 'the best place to live in Britain' by The Sunday Times in 2019. This accolade was due to its combination of aesthetically pleasing streets alongside excellent education facilities and convenient transport links to neighbouring cities like Leeds. The local art scene has also seen significant growth over recent years with multiple galleries located around Horsforth showcasing both regional and international talent.

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Average house prices in Horsforth

Horsforth in Leeds is a sought-after residential area, and the housing market has seen steady demand for homes in recent years. This can largely be attributed to attractive features such as Horsforth's desirable location, convenient transport links, and excellent schools

The average sold price for properties in Horsforth Leeds is around £320,000. This is significantly higher than some other parts of Leeds reflecting the high demand for housing in this area and the market for buying and selling property is highly active, with a steady stream of new listings and sales being made.

In terms of the type of houses sold, semi-detached properties make up the largest percentage of the market representing approximately 40%, Terraced houses make up around 35%, followed by detached houses at 20% and flats at 5%.

History of Horsforth Leeds

Horsforth is a town in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, it lies approximately five miles north-west of Leeds city centre on the A65 road. It had a population of 21,274 at the 2011 cens

he name Horsforth is derived from the Old English 'horsa', meaning horse, and 'ford', meaning a shallow place over which a horse can be driven. In the 13th century it was recorded as 'Horseforda'. The ford across the River Aire that gave its name to Horsforth was situated off York Road, close to where Rodley railway station now stands. This crossing gave access to Rawdon and Yeadon, and was the route taken by many pilgrims on their way to worship at the shrine of Thomas Becket in Canterbury.

During the Industrial Revolution, Horsforth became a prosperous township with several mills operating on the River Aire. It gained both a railway station (Horsforth and Rawdon railway station) in 1846 and urban sanitary district status in 1869. Horsforth Urban District Council was formed in 1894.

In 1937, along with other parts of the Headingley Kirkstall and Rawdon districts, it was absorbed into Leeds. The town has expanded significantly since World War II, particularly since the 1950s when there was extensive building of new housing estates. However, since 1990 it has been subject to boundary changes, losing land to both Leeds City Council and Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council.

Schools in the area

The Horsforth area of Leeds is home to many excellent schools and colleges. The UK is known for its high-quality education system, and the institutions in this part of Leeds are no exception. Primary schools such as St Margaret’s C of E Primary School, Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School, and Bramhope Primary School offer great educational foundations to children from ages 3-11. At secondary level, Horsforth School provides an interactive and multi-faceted curriculum for students aged 11-16.

Further education opportunities abound in Horsforth as well. Kirkstall Valley College offers a range of A-Levels and vocational courses for students aged 16+, while Priesthorpe Sixth Form Centre provides sixth form courses, specialising in A-Levels and Level 3 BTECs. The University of Leeds is also nearby and provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The Horsforth area boasts an impressive array of educational institutions that offer choice, quality, and convenience for students in the local community. With such a variety of schools and colleges for all ages available, it’s no wonder why Horsforth continues to be one of the most desirable places to live in Leeds.

Additionally, the surrounding area has plenty more to offer learners outside of academia. For those looking for a leisurely pursuit or hobby to pursue, there are numerous local parks such as Golden Acre Park, as well as an abundance of clubs, libraries and cultural attractions which provide plenty of enjoyable activities to explore.

The Horsforth area of Leeds offers a world-class learning environment for students in the local community. With its abundance of schools and colleges, plus a wealth of recreational opportunities, it’s no surprise that this part of Leeds is so highly sought after by families looking to invest in their children's future.


Horsforth is a suburb of Leeds in the United Kingdom that offers plenty of amenities for visitors and locals alike. From high street chains to local shops, there is something for everyone.

For those looking for a bite to eat, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Popular options include Sophie's Choice, Rustle & Co., and The Gift Shop. There are also several pubs and bars in the area, such as The White Swan and The Horsforth Village Pub.

If you're looking for some outdoor fun, Horsforth Hall Park features an adventure playground, cricket pitch, bowling green, skatepark, bandstand, and Japanese gardens. Rodley Nature Reserve is another great spot for outdoor activities like walking and bird watching.

Sports enthusiasts will be pleased to know that there are several sports facilities in the area including Horsforth Tennis Club which offers tennis courts as well as coaching sessions; Horsforth Golf Club which has an 18-hole course; and Horsforth Harriers running club which organises regular races throughout the year.

Shoppers can find everything they need on the high street including Morrison's supermarket, pharmacies, banks, post office, library, cafes, hairdressers and charity shops. Boutique hotels in the area also boast high end amenities like Michelin star restaurants and classy cocktail bars.

Transport and motorway access

Horsforth is a village in the North West of Leeds, England with excellent public transport connections and easy access to motorways for those travelling by car. The area is well served by numerous buses and a train station, making it an ideal location for commuters.

Horsforth sits just off the A6120 Ring Road, providing fast links to Leeds city centre which is around 3 miles away. It also has direct connections to Kirkstall and Headingley via the A660, while routes like Wetherby Road go all the way through Horsforth. For those travelling further afield, the M1 motorway is 8 miles away and can be reached in 20 minutes via the A65.

A great benefit of Horsforth's location is that it offers both convenience and tranquillity; all the amenities of Leeds are close at hand, yet it retains its own unique village atmosphere. With good public transport connections and easy access to major roads and motorways, residents of Horsforth can take advantage of all that Leeds has to offer without sacrificing their peace and quiet.

Hospitals and medical facilities in the area

Horsforth is a suburb of Leeds that offers residents access to a range of medical facilities and hospitals. The nearest hospital to Horsforth is St James’ University Hospital which is located just over 2 miles away in the city centre. This hospital provides a wide range of services including emergency care, cardiology, general surgery and maternity services.

Horsforth also has its own medical centre called the Caris Women's Health Centre which offers routine consultations, gynaecology services and antenatal care. There are also several pharmacies in the area offering prescription medication as well as over-the-counter remedies for minor illnesses.

For specialised medical treatments such as cancer care or orthopaedic surgery, residents of Horsforth can visit facilities like Leeds General Infirmary or Yorkshire Cancer Services - both of which are located nearby in Leeds city centre.

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