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One of our specialities at John Barkers is family mediation. We provide expert assistance to help families resolve disputes in an amicable and respectful way, without bringing a court case. Our experienced mediators help ensure that both parties reach an agreement that meets the interests of all involved parties.

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When it comes to family mediation, our solicitors in Leeds provide the reassurance and guidance you need to navigate the situation in a constructive and respectful manner. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to helping families reach an agreement that benefits all parties involved while also preserving their rights.Adrian Coggon - Partner and Mediator
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Family Mediation Specialists in Leeds

Family mediation can be used for a number of different issues such as: disagreements about arrangements for children post-divorce; issues concerning financial matters including property or debts; and any other matters related to family law. Through effective communication and negotiation, our team will assist your family in finding a solution which benefits everyone's best interests.

Our process for family mediation begins with an initial assessment which helps us understand your dispute before coming up with tailored solutions. During this process, all parties are kept informed at every step so that they know what’s happening from start to finish. We also ensure that all information remains confidential between the parties involved so they can discuss openly without fear or judgement.

At John Barkers we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality service when it comes to resolving family disputes through mediation. Our experienced solicitors ensure that all steps taken during the process are legally binding agreements which can be referred back to should any issues arise in future.

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Lines open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

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