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John Barkers Solicitors is a law firm located in Stafford, serving the whole of Staffordshire. We specialise in providing legal services to clients from all over the area, including places such as Stone, Eccleshall, Brewood and Cannock. Our experienced team have years of experience dealing with a variety of legal matters and offer tailored advice for each individual client.

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Stafford Information

Stafford is a market town in the county of Staffordshire, England. It is located approximately 16 miles (26 km) north of Wolverhampton and 18 miles (29 km) south of Stoke-on-Trent. The nearest major cities include Manchester, Birmingham, and Liverpool – all within easy reach by motorways such as the M6, M42 and M54.

The area has a population of over 77,000 people according to recent estimates. It is known for its rich industrial heritage; providing employment in various sectors including engineering, metalworking, brickmaking and textiles. A variety of businesses have also been attracted to the area due to its excellent transport links.

Investment in the Area

Investment in Stafford has been steadily increasing over recent years. The government introduced a ‘Town Deal’ for Stafford back in 2018, which set out to drive investment and economic growth by focusing on areas such as education, skills, business support and entrepreneurship. In addition to this, there are also plans for a £50 million development of the town centre – creating more jobs and opportunities for local people.

The average house selling prices in Stafford vary depending on the area. Prices range from around £132,000-£475,000 with terraced houses being the most popular type of property. The average house price for a terraced home in Stafford is £180,000.

Education Facilities

Stafford boasts numerous education facilities for all ages and abilities, ranging from nurseries and primary schools to secondary schools and higher education establishments. There are a number of popular universities and colleges located within the town including Staffordshire University, South Staffordshire College and Reaseheath College.

In addition to this, there are various sports and leisure centres throughout the area offering activities such as badminton, basketball, boxing, climbing, cycling and swimming.

Sports & Entertainment Events

Stafford has a strong sporting heritage with popular football and cricket teams, as well as various rugby clubs. There is also a range of entertainment venues located in the town such as pubs, restaurants, cinemas and theatres.

The area is home to numerous annual events throughout the year including Stafford Festival – which has been running for over 50 years, and the traditional British Christmas market. There are also regular festivals held at Stafford Racecourse every summer.

The Legal History of Stafford

Stafford, Staffordshire is a town steeped in legal history. It has been the centre of justice since its medieval beginnings with many significant court cases and trials having taken place here over the centuries. From civil proceedings to criminal cases, this small market town has seen its fair share of legal disputes.

Early History

The earliest records of jurisprudence in Stafford date back to 1283 when the Assizes of Stafford were introduced by King Edward I. This laid out key laws and regulations for dealing with both civil and criminal matters which held precedence over local, customary law. These Assizes would be heard at the county court on Shrovetide, which is still held in Stafford today.

In 1331, the Market Charter was granted to Stafford by King Edward III. This gave the town vital legal powers allowing it to hold court and levy fines for minor offences such as illegal trading and public nuisance. The Market Charter also granted Stafford the right to become a borough, giving its citizens more self-governance over local matters.

The Shire Hall

The most significant structure with regards to legal history in Stafford is undoubtedly the Shire Hall. Built in 1798 by Thomas Telford, this grand building served as the County Court of Assize offering justice for all. The hall was designed to be both imposing and impressive, a clear demonstration of the strength of the law in Staffordshire.

It hosted both civil and criminal trials for over 200 years until it closed its doors in 1987 when all county courts in England were abolished and their jurisdiction transferred to Crown Courts.

Notable Cases

Stafford Shire Hall has seen some significant court cases in its time. In 1812, William Hulton was tried for murder after stabbing his brother-in-law in a drunken rage. He was acquitted due to lack of evidence but famously declared 'I am innocent, I should not have been brought here'.

In 1817, John Smith was tried for the theft of a sheep and sentenced to death. He was subsequently pardoned by King George IV and released from prison.

The most famous case heard in Stafford Shire Hall is that of Dr Thomas Smethurst who stood trial for murder in 1871. Dr Smethurst had been accused of poisoning his wife with arsenic, however he was found not guilty due to lack of evidence.

Modern Day

Today, the Shire Hall still stands but no longer serves as a court house. Instead it has become home to the Staffordshire County Council Museum, a wonderful collection of artefacts and documents detailing the legal history of Staffordshire. The museum also houses the original Market Charter granted to the town by King Edward III in 1331.

Despite no longer being used as a court house, Stafford Shire Hall still stands proud as a reminder of its rich legal heritage. Whether it is marvelled at from outside or explored from within, this unique building serves as an important reminder of Stafford’s past.

The legacy of justice in Stafford lives on through modern day courts, with cases both civil and criminal being heard across the county every day. From small disputes to serious offences, Stafford remains a place where members of the public can seek justice and have their voices heard.

The legal history of Stafford, Staffordshire is one that stretches back centuries. From humble beginnings with the introduction of the Assizes in 1283 to grand proceedings in the Shire Hall, this small market town has seen its fair share of court cases over the centuries.

Today, modern courts still offer justice to those living and working in Stafford. While it may no longer have a dedicated courthouse, the legacy of jurisprudence lives on through its proud legal heritage.