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John Barkers Solicitors is proud to provide its top-tier legal services to the county of Derbyshire. With over 130 years of experience in a variety of legal areas, our clients can be sure that their needs are being met with knowledge and care. We strive to make quality legal advice more accessible by providing competitive pricing for all areas of law.

We specialize in a variety of legal areas, including but not limited to family law, criminal law, business law, property law, probate law and more. Our experienced team of solicitors are dedicated to providing the highest level of service for all in Derbyshire.

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Solicitors serving Derbyshire

John Barkers Solicitors is a professional legal services provider offering services to Derbyshire. We specialize in providing expert, tailored advice and assistance to individuals, businesses and organizations all over the county. Whether you're based in Derby City Centre or any of its surrounding towns and villages such as Belper, Burton-upon-Trent, Ilkeston or Swadlincote - we can help.

We understand that when it comes to finding a solicitor for your legal needs, you want someone who not only has the necessary qualifications but also delivers quality service with care and consideration. That's why our team at John Barkers are committed to providing our clients with the best possible legal advice and support. We listen carefully to your individual or business needs and provide expert guidance, from start to finish.

John Barkers also offer a range of services across Derbyshire, including family law, property conveyancing and wills & probate. Our experienced team will work closely with you throughout the entire process in order to ensure that all of your needs are met.

We believe in delivering first-class legal solutions that meet the unique needs of individuals and businesses in Derbyshire. Our team of highly skilled professionals will work closely alongside you to ensure a smooth and stress-free process - no matter what the issue. So, if you're looking for expert legal advice and support from a firm you can trust get in touch today.

Derbyshire Information

Derbyshire is a unique and vibrant county with an abundance of opportunities for investors. Its convenient location on the M1 motorway makes it easily accessible from London and other major cities, while its diverse range of industries mean that businesses can benefit from a variety of different opportunities. The population is growing steadily and there is plenty of investment going into the region from both public and private sources. With all this taken into consideration, Derbyshire looks set to be an attractive proposition for investors in the near future.


The earliest records of humans living in this area dates back to as early as 500 BC. The Romans occupied Derbyshire between 43 AD and 410 AD and a number of military camps were established during this time. Following the Norman Conquest in 1066, William I granted lands here to his followers who went on to build castles and churches which can still be seen today.

Location & Motorway Access

Derbyshire is conveniently located on the M1 motorway, which links London to the North. It is also accessible via Birmingham Airport and Manchester International Airport, making it easily accessible for both domestic and international travelers. The county benefits from excellent roads throughout its cities and towns.

Logistics & Industry

Logistics are an important part of Derbyshire’s economy, with many businesses based in the area. Major companies include BMW, Rolls-Royce, Gestamp Automotive and Calvista. There are also a number of tech start-ups in the area that focus on areas such as software development and artificial intelligence. The county is also home to many traditional industries such as pottery, textiles and paper production.


The population of Derbyshire currently stands at 1.2 million people. The largest towns in the area are Derby, Chesterfield and Buxton, with a combined population of around 600,000 people.


Derbyshire has been the recipient of significant investment from both the public and private sectors in recent years. This investment has come in the form of infrastructure projects, business support initiatives and economic development programmes. In addition to this, there have been numerous business-friendly initiatives in the area such as tax incentives, grants and low-interest loans aimed at encouraging investment in the county.