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At John Barkers Solicitors, we are proud to offer high-quality legal services throughout Chesterfield and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re based in Hasland, Staveley, Walton or any other area of the town, our team of experienced solicitors are on hand to assist with a wide variety of matters.

Our reputation precedes us and stands out from other firms due to our commitment to providing a comprehensive service that meets all demands. We understand that each client has different needs, so we tailor our solutions to ensure that they receive the very best outcome.

We have a team of experienced solicitors who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of advice and representation. Our aim is to ensure that we meet all your legal needs in a prompt, cost-effective manner.

Chesterfield Information

Chesterfield is a town in Derbyshire, situated on the north bank of the River Rother. This area has become increasingly popular as an investment opportunity due to its strategic location and access to motorways that provide a direct connection to major cities such as Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.


The town of Chesterfield is located just 19 miles northeast of Derby, with easy access via the A617 or M1 motorway. It is also within close proximity to major cities such as Sheffield (31 miles), Manchester (50 miles) and Birmingham (64 miles). For those travelling by rail, there are two main railway lines that connect Chesterfield to other areas - the Midland Main Line and the East Midlands Trains.


Chesterfield benefits from excellent accessibility for those travelling by road, rail or air. It is situated close to both the M1 and M18 motorways, while local airports including East Midlands Airport (24 miles) and Doncaster Sheffield (35 miles) are within easy reach.


The industrial sector of Chesterfield has traditionally been based around coal mining, engineering and manufacturing. In recent years there has been an increase in service-oriented businesses such as finance, insurance and IT companies. There are also a range of leisure and retail opportunities in the area, with a number of large shopping centres.


Chesterfield has an estimated population of 105,500 people (as of 2019). The town is home to a diverse range of nationalities with approximately 18% being born outside the UK. The majority of the population is aged between 25-44.

Investment in the Area

The local authorities have invested heavily in the infrastructure around Chesterfield in recent years, with new roads being built and public transport links improving. This investment has allowed for better connectivity to nearby towns and cities, as well as improved access to services such as healthcare and education. In addition, there are a range of opportunities available for businesses looking to invest in the area.

Chesterfield has been identified as one of the most attractive areas in terms of investment potential due to its location, accessibility and existing industries. It is an ideal place for businesses looking to take advantage of the local infrastructure and population.

The Legal History of Chesterfield

Chesterfield has a long and varied legal history, dating back to the early days of English common law. From its earliest days, Chesterfield was an important site for the settlement of disputes between local landowners and locals due to its advantageous position as a crossroads town in the south Midlands region. The civil court at Chesterfield was one of the first courts to be established in England, predating even those at London’s Westminster Hall.

In 1245, King Henry III issued a royal charter to create a “borough” with a mayor and council. This charter also granted certain powers to settle legal disputes. These powers included both criminal and civil justice, as well as licensing authority and the power to determine compensation for injuries caused by animals. This charter set the foundation for the legal infrastructure of Chesterfield.

Early Court System

The early court system at Chesterfield was based on a common-law model, with local justices of the peace appointed by the crown ruling on cases. These justices had authority over civil matters such as contracts, torts, real estate disputes, and criminal matters including theft, assault, and murder. Appeals could be made to higher courts if necessary.

The Star Chamber

In 1586, King James I established a special court known as The Star Chamber in Chesterfield. The Star Chamber was primarily used to try cases involving major crimes and civil complaints. It also held jurisdiction over matters of treason and false accusations against the Crown. In addition, it was granted special powers to enforce its judgments outside the normal court system.

The Star Chamber had a controversial reputation for its harsh punishments, which often included imprisonment, fines, corporal punishment such as flogging or branding, and even death sentences for more serious offences. This led to numerous challenges against the Star Chamber’s authority throughout the 17th century.

The Industrial Revolution

As industrialization swept across England in the 18th century, Chesterfield saw the rise of a new legal system. The Industrial Revolution brought with it a surge in crime as well as an increase in civil disputes between businesses and their workers. This prompted the establishment of a more formal system of justice, including jury trials and laws governing industrial workplaces.

By the mid-19th century, Chesterfield had established its own local court system which was based on English common law but incorporated some aspects from Roman law. This hybrid legal framework allowed for greater flexibility in resolving cases, particularly those involving damages suffered by workers due to unsafe working conditions.

Modern Developments

In the 21st century, Chesterfield’s legal system has evolved to meet the needs of a modern society. The court system remains based on English common law, but it incorporates laws from other countries and international agreements as well as updated regulations for employers and employees. Additionally, Chesterfield’s legal system now includes specialized courts such as youth courts, family courts, and employment tribunals.

Chesterfield is also home to numerous legal services providers such as solicitors, barristers, and notaries public. These services are essential for people who need assistance navigating the complexities of the local legal system.

Today, Chesterfield continues to be an important centre for England’s justice system. Its long history of dispute resolution, along with its updated legal infrastructure, ensure that the people of Chesterfield have access to a fair and effective justice system.

The legal history of Chesterfield is one filled with innovation and evolution. It has been shaped by royal charters, common-law, industrialization, and modern developments. This long history of progress ensures that the citizens of Chesterfield can rely on an equitable and reliable justice system for many years to come.